The College is housed in well maintained traditional type building , which was constructed in 1862 using Rs.8900/ endowed by ,(Late) Captain Edward Brennan ,a master attendant of Tellicherry Port , “to give the boys of all castes, creeds, and colour a sound English education”. Since june 1958 , the Government Training College is functioning in this buildings. Yearly maintenance , and replaced floor tiles keeps the building ever youth . The rooms are with very high roof with double layer of tiles and large sized doors , windows and even the direction of building provides optimum aeration to each of the rooms. The glass tiles placed at specific distance on roof is an excellent art to provide enough light in all parts of the rooms.

The following are functioning in the present building.

 English Class room & Library
 Mathematics Class room & Library
 Hindi Class room & Library
 Natural Science Class room , Lab & Library
 Department of Physical Education
 General Library
 Principal’s Room
 Computer room
 Record room
 Malayalam Class room & Library Staff room
 Educational Technology & Media Lab.
 Arabic Class room & Library
 Seminar Hall with stage & Green room
 Physical Science Class room, Lab & Library
 Separate toilets for Gents, Ladies , and Staff (gents& ladies separate)


The New building which is almost completed using a fund of Rs.58 lakhs from MHRD. M.Ed.& Research Block are situated here. M.Ed Staff room, Psychology lab, Computer lab, Seminar hall, Optional classrooms, Library, Toilets for gents and ladies, Rest room etc. are housed here

The college has its’ own open well with sufficient pure water available through out the seasons. The PTA of the college has arranged facilities to provide hot water for students.


The college has a beautiful garden with grass , flowering plants, creepers, bushes , banana plants and large Teak woods on the outer edges. The campus of the college , Hostel & Staff quarters cab be considered as green campus by the presence of green plants and varieties of large green trees.


The municipal ground is used as the play ground of the college , which is one of the largest ground in Malabar area with a 400 mts.


The men’s’ hostel of the college is situated about two kilometers away from the college on its’ own land ,on the side of NH17 near Thalassery Court. It is now converted in to the ladies hostel.The hostel has an accommodation facility for up to 35 students . Hostel also is functioning in a traditional type building with enough aerated and ventilated rooms, mess , enough number of bathrooms, toilets.Facilities for out door games such as, shuttle badminton, & volley ball is available in the hostel premises.

There are three flat type staff quarters for the institution , which shared the campus with women’s hostel(plan attached). Since the hostel is in the same campus it is beneficial for students to get in touch with the teachers as and when necessary. Each quarter is provided with large rooms and necessary facilities.