3rd Research Colloquium
           Research Colloquium was conducted on April 25th 2014.The inaugural session started at 10 a.m. with a prayer by Nisha.K.V. Research Scholar. The function was welcomed by Dr. Joseph Kacharayil, Assistant Professor, GBCTE, Thalassery. Dr. M.S.Geetha, Principal, GBCTE, Thalassery presided over the function. And the programme was inaugurated by Prof. (Dr.) P.Kelu, Principal and Head of the Department, CUTEC, and Vadakara. In the inaugural speech he cautioned the research scholars regarding their attitude towards research and the deteriorating quality of research nowadays. His talk was really interesting and informative. The chief guest of the day was Dr. M.A.Sudhir, Dean, Department of Applied Research, and Gandhigram University. He gave us a detailed and outstanding talk about the new trends in research. He said that research is a voyage to discovery. It is the application of scientific methods to solve the problems in society. His talk was ended at 1.30 p.m. Presentation of research progress by senior research scholars was started at 2.00 p.m. after lunch break. Eight research scholars-Shanavas K, Baby Choran, Ruby Prakash, Nisha KV, Ummer N, Kavitha P S, Rafeedali E, and Anupama P presented their research progress. After that all the course work participants- Aswanth K O K, Dhanya A, Prathibha K, Ranipadma E, Remitha P, Treesa Varghese M, Aneesh Kumar P R, Manju V S, Sharefa Noufina K P, Sreekumar T V, Dhanesh T V presented their research proposals. This session was chaired by Dr. Helen Joy, Principal, Govt. College of Teacher Education, Kozhikode. Valedictory session was started at 5.15 p.m. This session was chaired by Dr. M.S. Geetha, Principal, GBCTE, Thalassery and Sreekumar T V, Course Work participant proposed vote of thanks. Participants got many valuable suggestions by the experts and this programme was very much useful to them

by Prof. (Dr.) P.Kelu, Principal and Head of the Department, CUTEC Vadakara.

Dr. M.A.Sudhir, Dean, Department of Applied Research, and Gandhigram University was the chief  theme paper presenter in the colloquium.

2nd Research Colloquium -2013


Govt.  Brennen College of Teacher Education organized its second Research Colloquium on 2nd March 2013. Inaugural session of the research colloquium started at 10 a.m. at the college auditorium with an invocation by Smt. Nisha K.V. , research scholar of the institution. Dr. Joseph Kacharayil, Asst. Professor, GBCTE, delivered the welcome speech which was followed by the presidential address rendered by Dr. M.S.Geetha, Ph.D. Course work Coordinator and Principal of GBCTE. Dr. M.S.Geetha , in her presidential address, focused on the need for upbringing quality research. She explained that the objective of the colloquium is to provide a platform for the research scholars to indulge in scholarly discussion and interaction with research guides and experts in the field. She added that the research colloquium would help the research scholars to overcome the stumbling blocks and hindrances in their research work.
The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Babu Kochamkunnel, Principal of P.K.M. College of Teacher Education. In his inaugural address, Dr. Babu emphasized the principles of research like curiosity, confidence, consistency and courage, which have to be followed by every research scholar. He appreciated the research activites of Govt.  Brennen College of Teacher Education like research colloquium for providing opportunity for initiating various academic deliberations.
The eminent educationist Prof. (Dr.) P. Kelu, Former Dean and Head of the Dept. of Education delivered the key-note address. He gave an informative lecture on the various aspects of research like the purpose of the research, the research process, approaches to educational research, topic selection, research report writing, quality of the researcher and new approaches in educational research. A detailed account of the evaluation procedure of a research work was also presented by Dr. P. Kelu. Dr. Abdul Kader Parambat, Research supervisor & Asst. Professor, Govt. College of Teacher Education Kozhikode, Dr.  M. Omanaseelan Research supervisor & Reader in Education Govt. IASE Thrissur, Dr. T.V. Bindu, Research supervisor & Asst. Professor Govt. Bernnen College of Teacher Education Thalassery, Sri C.K Babu, Faculty M.Ed department Govt. Bernnen College of Teacher Education Thalassery, and Dr. M.C.Rosa, Research Guide, Kannur University, felicitated the function. Inaugural session came to an end with the vote of thanks delivered by Sri Arun Kumar. P, Asst. Professor Govt. Bernnen College of Teacher Education,  Thalassery.
Session II comprised of the research progress presentations by four research scholars of the research centre.    Mr. Rafeedali, Mr. Abdul Razak. K, Mr. Babu Varghese and Mrs. Geetha C. presented progress of their research work on which detailed discussion were made. Each research scholar’s work was analyzed and discussed thoroughly. Suggestions were given by the research guides for the improvement of the work. This provided a pathway to the research scholars to clarify their doubts and correct the flaws in their works.

In the session III research topic presentations were made by six research scholars of Govt. Brennen College of Teacher Education, namely Mrs. Lekshmi. V, Mrs. Ruby Prakash, Ms. Nisha.K.V, Mr. Jyothis Paul  P, Mrs. Kavitha. P.S and Ms. Baby Choran. Comments made by the research guides helped the research scholars to explore the unseen areas of their research problem. Mr Jyothis Paul P extended vote of thanks for the session III. With the National Anthem the session was dispersed at 4.30 p.m.

1. Ph.D in Education
2. Research Journal in Education
3. Activities of the Research cell
4. Ph.D Coursework in Education


1.  Ph.D. in Education :
    The college has been elevated to the status of a research centre in Education in 2008 as per Order No. Acad E3/1716/R.Centre/GCTE/Edn./07 dated 18-11-2008.  One Full-time and Eight Part-time Scholars are doing research leading to Ph. D. in this institution.  The names of Research Supervisors and Research Scholars are listed below.

Research Supervisors:

1.  Dr. B. H. Helen Joy (Order No. Acad.E2/R.Guide/Edu/2970-A/07 dated 27/03/2009)
2.  Dr. Abdul Khader Prambath (Order No. Acad.E2/R.Guide/Edu/1393/07 dated  21/10/2009)
3.  Dr. Omanaseelan (Order No. Acad.E2/5506/R.G/ 09 dated 15/11/2010)
4.  Dr. Joseph Kacharayil (Order No. Acad.E2/9335/R.G/ 2010 dated  07/04/2011)
5.  Dr. T. V. Bindu (Order No. Acad.E2/3160/R.G/ 2010 dated  06/12/2011)

Research Scholars:

Part-time :
1.  Sri Pradeepan, K.
2.  Smt. Minila K. George
3.  Smt. Jessy, N. C.
4.  Smt. Geetha, C.
5.  Sri Shanavas, K.
6.  Sri Babu Varghese
7.  Sri Abdul Razak, K.
8.  Sri Rafeedali, E.

Full-time :
1.  Smt. Bindu, M. P. (JRF)

2.  Research Journal in Education:
    To disseminate and share the knowledge and expertise in the field of research, GBCTE, Thalassery is publishing a Research Journal in education namely Research and Pedagogic Interventions  biannually.  The first issue was released on January 2012.  The following faculty members constitute the Editorial Board of  the Journal.

1.  Chief Editor            :     Dr. M. S. Geetha (Principal)
2.  Editor                      :     Dr. T. V. Bindu
3.  Associate Editors   
    Dr. Joseph Kacharayil
    Smt. Baby Choran
    Dr. Santhosh Areekuzhiyil
    Smt. Jasmine Joseph
    Mr. Arun Kumar, P.
    Sri Seethanathan (Librarian)

    The main aim of publishing the research journal is to provide a platform for the educationists, research scholars and students to  discuss the various trends and issues of the current educational system in India as well as abroad.

3. Activities of the Research cell


The  research colloquium started at at the seminar  hall of GBCTE on 15 th May 2012. The programme began with a prayer sung by Jessy N.C (Research scholar). Dr. Joseph Kacharayil (Vice Principal GBCTE,Thalassery) welcome the gathering. It was followed by the presidential address rendered by Dr. M.S. Geetha (Principal and Head of the Research Centre). In her address she emphasised the objectives of this colloquium and stressed the need for enhancing the quality of research. She added that this will provide a plat for intellectual interaction among faculty members, supervising teachers and research scholars. She hopes that it will be beneficial for the prospective teacher educators of this institution.

The programme was inaugurated by eminent educationist Prof.(Dr.) P Kelu, Former Dean and Head of the Department of Education, University of Calicut. In his inaugural address he highlighted the relevance and importance of research in the modern education system and he reminded the researchers to be aware of changes around the world. He appreciated the research centre for initiating such an academic deliberation. He gave a detailed account of evaluation procedure of a research work.

Dr.B.H.Helen Joy,(Supervising Teacher and Principal, GCTE, Kozhikode), Dr. Abdul Kadhar Parambat (Supervising Teacher & Faculty M.Ed. Department, GCTE Kozhikode), Dr.Omanaseelan (Reader, IASE, Trissur),Dr. Santhosh Arelkkuzhiyil (Faculty, Dept. of M.Ed, GBCTE, Thalassery) felicitated the function.

Seven research scholars of this centre (Manila.K.George, Jessy.N.C, Babu Varghese,Shanavas.K, Geetha.C Abdul Razak.K, Bindu.M.P) presented progress of their research work and detailed discussion on the topic were made. Each research topic was analysed and discussed thoroughly and this provided a pathway for researchers to proceed their research work. Discussion and deliberation were continued in the afternoon too.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs.Geetha. C.(Research Scholar). Programme ended by the National Anthem at 5pm.

4. PhD Course work in Education

PhD Course work in Education under Kannur University

Revised regulations for Ph.D programme named as “Regulations for Ph.D. registration and award of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy 2011” was implemented by Kannur University with effect from 01.01.2011 as per the U.O.No. Acad.E2/8664/2011 dated 12/09/2011. According to this , Kannur University  decided to conduct course work at the University departments, with the head of the department concerned as the Course Co-ordinator,utilizing the resources and expertise of all the research guides of that subject attached to the university.
Government Brennen College of Teacher Education, Thalassery has been assigned as the Course work Centre in Education of Kannur University in 2012 and the first Course work in Education started on 01/12/12 and ended in 31/5/2013. 12 research scholars under the guideship of different Research supervisors  joined for the Course work and  completed the course successfully and registered for Ph.d subsequently.
The second course work started in 21/12/2013 and will be ended by 20/06/2014. The 
following students  joined  for the second course work.
List of Candidates joined at Govt Brennen College of Teacher Education, Thalassery for IInd Coursework ( from 21/12/2013  to 20/06/2014)


Name of the Candidate

Name of the Research Supervisor

Name of Research Centre


 Ashwanth K.O.K

Dr. M.Omanaseelan

GBCTE Thalassery


Dhanya A

Dr. M.Omanaseelan

GBCTE Thalassery


Prathibha K

Prof.(Dr.) P. Kelu

School of Pedagogical Science, Kannur University


Ranipadma E

Dr. M.Omanaseelan

GBCTE Thalassery


Remitha P 

Dr. Joseph Kacharayil

GBCTE Thalassery


Treesa Varghese M

Dr. T.V.Bindu

GBCTE Thalassery


 Aneesh Kumar P.R

Dr. Abdul Khader Parambath

GBCTE Thalassery


Dhanesh T.V

Dr. T.V.Bindu

GBCTE Thalassery


Shobharaj P.P

Dr. T.V.Bindu

GBCTE Thalassery


Sreekumar T.V

Prof.(Dr.) P. Kelu

School of Pedagogical Science, Kannur University


 Manju V.S

Dr. M.Omanaseelan

GBCTE Thalassery


Sharefa Noufina K.P


School of Pedagogical Science, Kannur University